The History of the SMEG Kitchen Appliances and the SMEG Kitchen Gadgets 2

The History of the SMEG Kitchen Appliances and the SMEG Kitchen Gadgets

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The History of the SMEG Kitchen Appliances and the SMEG Kitchen Gadgets 3
My Pink SMEG Refrigerator

SMEG History


SMEG was founded in 1948 by Vittorio Bertazzoni, Sr. from Guastalla, a town near the city of Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy, and is today one of the country’s leading home appliance manufacturers.  The Bertazzoni family’s entrepreneurial history began in the 19th century, with members of the family starting out as blacksmiths.  This long, consolidated family experience working with metals eventually led the Bertazzonis to branch out into kitchen building.  Initally focusing on the enameling of metals, SMEG anticipated the so-called “Italian Economic Miracle” of the 1950s and 1960s, and the desire for home comforts that increased affluence would bring, beginning to specialize in home appliance manufacturing just a few years after its founding.

In the second half of the 1950s, SMEG launched one of the first gas cookers with an automatic switch-on function, an oven safety valve, and a cooking programmer/timer.  In 1963, the laundry and dishwasher range was launched, and soon produced a world first in 1970: a 60-centimeter, 14-place-setting dishwasher. The mid-1970s heralded the arrival of the very first built-in hobs and ovens, and the establishment of partnerships with internationally-renowned architects and designers.  In the 1990s, SMEG added even more products to its various product lines, including sinkshoods, and colored retro ’50s refrigerators, which were soon to become iconic items all over the globe.

Having consolidated its position in the home appliance sector, SMEG has branched out into other areas, creating new professional divisions that handle products for restaurants, and instruments for health and medical applications.

Today, SMEG is run by the third generation of Bertazzoni entrepreneurs, but it still keeps the memory of its beginnings alive in its Italian name: “Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla,” or the “Guastalla Emilia Enamel Works.”



Style, for SMEG, is a distinct concept: the way a product communicates with its surroundings and enables users to interact with it.Attention to detail and design solutions bring to life homes that reflect the image of their occupants.  With SMEG, appliances take center stage in the heart of the home, a place where people can congregate.  The kitchen integrates all of their functions, and becomes a perfect, fully-equipped backdrop for those precious and enjoyable moments.

SMEG’s internal design studio, which carries out painstaking research into aesthetics and style, has the support of internationally-renowned architects such as Guido CanaliMario Bellini, the Piano Design studio, Marc Newson, and Giancarlo Candeago. Knowing how to combine technology with style is the key for SMEG in creating products which become truly iconic.

 SMEG aims to identify and reflect the defining characteristics of Italian design, such as inventive eleganceoriginality, and product quality.

SMEG appliances are thus snapshots of Italian style, from the retro ’50s refrigerators, to steel-only cookers, and are able to shape trends and tastes, and establish a rapport with the user that goes beyond mere practical concerns.  With this philosophy in mind, the firm has embarked on projects with leading designers and architects, and internal development programs which assess current tastes and market trends.

SMEG HQ has become a symbol of this green approach.  The company’s commitment to the environment consists of a particular focus on the ecological aspects of designing and manufacturing domestic appliances.  The idea is to ensure maximum performance while keeping energy consumption to a minimum.


SMEG HQ has been named one of the most innovative sites in Italy thanks to its intelligent consumption management and sustainable development policies.

SMEG ovens, hobs, coffee machines, cookers, dishwashers, washing machines, washer-dryers, hoods, sinks, refrigerators, and freezers are all designed with environmental considerations in mind.

Hi, I’m Maria Cunha Owner Of Review Kitchen Gadgets, I recently came across the SMEG brand of Kitchen Appliances and Kitchen Gadgets, and decided to have my team investigate the whole 1950’s SMEG kitchen trend.

The SMEG kitchen appliances and kitchen gadgets are meant to bring back the trends of the 1950’s kitchen with the 2020’s integration of modern necessities.


Aesthetic design combined with innovative technology results in unique products, which both look great and are highly functional.

SMEG appliances are renowned for design and attention to detail, ergonomics, and functionality, and uitilize only the best materials to ensure long life and great performance.  Energy efficiency, ease of use, reliability, and safety complete the key features and benefits of SMEG appliances, whether it be products catering to your cooking, food storage or washing needs

SMEG Ovens

Smeg’s complete range of aesthetically refined built-in ovens has evolved through serious research, offering peak performance across a range of functions and guaranteeing maximum flexibility of use and maximum safety.

Type: Electric – Double Oven – Microwave

SMEG Cooktops

Smeg cooktops combine quality materials with cutting-edge technology. You can choose from an array of shapes, sizes and cooking methods to match the aesthetics of your oven.

Type: Gas – Induction

SMEG Ranges

Inspired by the ranges used by the world’s greatest chefs, Smeg offers genuine design icons where style and elegance go hand in hand with high performance, user-friendliness and minimal consumption.

Type: Gas – Electric

SMEG Hoods

Smeg hoods reflect the elegance and style of the kitchen around them as they combine quality design with the best materials.

SMEG Refrigerators

Vibrant colors and retro design equals stylish appliances.

SMEG Dishwasher

Smeg built-in dishwashers are the perfect way to complete your kitchen in style. Exceptionally quiet and incredibly well designed, the dishwashers vary in terms of style and load capacity.

The History of the SMEG Kitchen Appliances and the SMEG Kitchen Gadgets 10
SMEG Dishwasher Stainless Steel

Check Out My Next Article As I get into more details about each product.


Below are two FREE Recipes We Think You Will Enjoy…

Credit for recipes goes to the SMEG Cooking Team


Preparation time: 40 minutes

Country: USA

Recipe for: 6 persons


Pasta dishes

Chef Francesca Bencivenga

Author: Chef Francesca Bencivenga

Main ingredients : pasta


6 eggs 

1 tablespoon sundried tomato purée 

2 cup Milk

9oz grated cheese (pecorino or matured cheese) 

9oz asparagus, trimmed and cut into small pieces, blanched & drained 

6 sliced spring onions 

fresh chopped parsley (handful) finely chopped 

7oz cooked pasta or small macheroni


Cook the asparagus in boiling salted water.

Prehead the oven 180° & grease a square flan dish with melted butter.

Whisk the eggs & milk in a large bowl, add the cheese, asparagus, onions & parsley.

Mix & stir in the pasta.

Season and pour into the dish & bake covered for 40” or until the flan is set & slightly brown on top.

Serve cut into wedges, warm or room temperature. Spinach may be substituted for asparagus.




Preparation time: 5 minutes

Country: USA

Recipe for: 6 persons



Chef Francesca Bencivenga

Author: Chef Francesca Bencivenga

Main ingredients : chocolate


4 eggs

½ cup of sugar

½ cup of all-purpose flour 

½ cup of butter

1 ½ cup of dark chocolate

1 teaspoon of cognac

Baking cocoa


Combine the butter, the chocolate and the teaspoon of cognac in a mixing bowl on top of a pot of simmering water.

If you don’t have experience melting chocolate then be very careful not to burn the mixture. Never melt chocolate directly over the cooking element.

Set the chocolate mixture aside to cool slightly.

Beat the eggs, the egg yolks and the sugar for about 10 minutes until they are thick and a light yellow color.

Gradually add the flour and then the chocolate/butter mixture.

Spread baking cocoa at the bottom of the muffin pan.

Add the mix into the muffin pan and freeze for at least 2 hours.

Preheat the oven at 390F.

Bake for 15 minutes or less.

Let cool for 3-4 minutes before serving. 


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